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how do skin whitening creams work

Glutathione Infusion Therapy

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant and is crucial to proper functioning of the Central nervous system. Glutathione is commonly used For Skin conditions relating to pigmentation,blemishes,and acne and is fast becoming the leader in those seeking skin brightening,Skin lightening,and having that elusive glow of the skin

it is believed that Gluatahione naturally lightens the skin and reduces excessive pigmentation and when administered through IV Therapy, Glutatione can work with your body to assist in Promoting lighter skin by inhibiting the production of melanin

One of the most important factors to be aware of when making the decision to undergo Glutathione IV Therapy is to know that this a once off treatment and requires you to follow a strict program and maintain, no guarantee that you will see results relating to skin lightening or brightening and the effects differ from person to person.

Glutathione With Vitamin C

Our IV Glutathione is combined in treatment with High Dose Vitamin C delivering a cocktail that is loaded with vitamins and minerals that aids in hydrating the skin. Vitamin C is well known for immune stimulation also plays a role in collagen formation,hormone production and detoxification.

IV Therapy Vitamin C quickly delivers effective levels of vitamin C with its antibacterial and antiviral properties to aid your entire system,Vitamin C that is administered by IV Therapy bypasses the gut which results in Higher and better absorption in your system

Gluathione, Vitamin C & ALA

What is ALA?

ALA is Alpha-Lipoic Acid and is a natural antioxidant in our bodies and it assits with turning glucose into energy. Unlike any other antioxidant which only works in water or fatty tissues, ALA is both fat and water soluble which means that it can work throughout the body. Evidence suggests that ALA can help regenerate other antioxidants that have been under attack from radicals and activate them again.

In some cases , We combine these 3 powerful ingredients to better the breakdown,absorption,and usage.