Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream

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Made using an ancient Egyptian formulation
Hydrates and repairs skin from head to toe
Use as a moisturiser, lip balm, eye cream, hair mask, and elbow repair balm
Speeds up the fading of scars, and stretchmarks
Provides relief from eczema, and psoriasis
Helps to speed up the natural recovery process after sun damage
Works wonders on hair, cuticles, and nails
No additives, preservatives, fragrances, or parabens
Vegetarian with honey
As featured in Vogue, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, Elle, InStyle, Women’s Health, Allure, Ebony, Glamour, O Magazine, Genlux, Bazaar, and The Huffington Post
Ingredient Spotlight:

Royal jelly is the substance fed to bee larvae which are being nurtured to become queens. It contains 17 different amino acids, B vitamins, and has been shown to improve collagen production in the skin.
Propolis has potent antibacterial, and antifungal properties. The antifungal properties in particular make propolis well suited for battling minor candida.
Olive oil is rich in fatty acids which soften the skin, and help to improve its natural elasticity.

Warm a small amount between your palms until it takes the form of an oil.
Once the application has extended, gently apply to your skin.
Care Instructions:

Store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.

Available In: 59 ml, and 118 ml.

Honey, Beeswax, Olive Oil, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, and Bee Propolis.
Country of Origin:

Made in The United States Of America

Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream
Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream


Egyptian Magic is a blend of 6 of Nature’s most powerful healing, and moisturising ingredients made with the wisdom of the ancient pharaohs. No additives, preservatives, fragrances, or parabens. Just pure, 100% natural goodness. Discover what the ancient Egyptians knew thousands of years ago with this all-purpose skin remedy.

Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream
Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream