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best skin lightening cream for dark skin

how do skin whitening creams work

Everyone experiences unflattering blemishes eventually as time goes on, some of which can be related to various reasons such as sun exposure, age spots, and more. This, of course, does not leave those with a deeper, darker complexion outside the ring too, after all, everyone wants flawless skin, and anyone can achieve it from using the right lightening As time goes on, the natural radiance of skin begins to dull. The exposure from sun, pollution, and stress can alter how your skin appears thus resorting to the right products to help bring your skin back to life.Hper

The first step in the right direction to achieve flawless skin is to find the correct skin whitening creams. However, please don’t underestimate the power of these creams as they sometimes can go above and beyond whitening effects.

Our skin texture, tone, and complexion are predetermined genetically, and although we cannot change these natural aspects, we can, however, intensify and emphasize the skin’s lightening process by using the correct products to achieve our desired shade


The most significant benefit that skin lightening creams provide is that they put an end to the adverse effects of sunlight, UV-rays, stress, and pollution. Being excessively exposed to each can cause biochemical and molecular changes within the biology of the skin’s cells. The first appearances of age spots, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and discoloration are just a few signs indicating the skin’s response to the harsh UV-rays and sunlight.

While the groups of cells react to the exposure, the creation of melanin is stimulated and acts as a safety measure taken for protection. However, those same groups of cells begin to develop into dark blemishes on the skin that you would deem unflattering. Within most whitening products, there is a central component that is used to target the melanin synthesis mechanism and stop, or at the very least, slow down its process and inhibit its production. Hydroquinone is a common component used to achieve this process.


Another process that occurs during the response of your skin from excessive sun exposure is the formation of free radicals contained within the cells. Free radicals have specific consequences, some of which can cause changes on a genetic level. The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines among changes in the skin’s complexion, tone and texture can all be related to the effects of free radicals. Collagen is one of the main pillars for the skin’s biochemical and structural composition, with it being the primary building block of skin repair and renewal. One of the adverse effects of free radicals is how it deconstructs collagen thus, rendering it useless.

The main reason for defined fine lines and wrinkles, as well as the visible changes in the texture or tone of the skin, is due to a lesser amount of collagen in the body. Several ingredients contained in skin whitening creams are used to fight free radicals to prevent them from causing further damage. Antioxidants are primarily used as effective ingredients in these skin care products. The most commonly known antioxidant used is Vitamin E, which is also most effective in keeping the skin protected and well maintained. Antioxidants work by decreasing the production of ROS by disabling the form of free radicals within the cells of the skin. Vitamin E applied superficially is lipid soluble, and it is absorbed easily and quickly so it can reach the skin’s cells.


Stress is a critical factor that determines the nature of our skin’s appearance and radiance. Whether it is mental stress or physical stress, both can increase the levels of molecular cortisol within our bodies. Cortisol has been known to cause clinically adverse effects on the human body. These negative effects include high blood sugar, hypertension, and a suppressed immune system. From a cosmetic standpoint, cortisol and stress can cause the skin to become inflamed, experience frequent breakouts, and increase the speed at which our skin ages.

A way to improve this situation is to find a skin lightening cream that contains aero-therapeutics and other soothing additives. Aromatherapy uses the knowledge from our olfactory system (sense of smell) to stimulate positivity and friendly vibrations to lower stress levels and to calm our minds and our bodies. The primary aromatherapy component is known to be essential oils.

In a nutshell, essential oils are all-natural potent botanical extracts made from hundreds of thousands of plants to create a pure concentrate used to treat various conditions. Lavender is known to be one of the most potent essential oils and does wonders for the body through its many positive properties. Lavender has found to be useful in treating many different forms of stress-related problems such as anxiety, nervous tension, and emotional stress, with the added benefits of being able to increase blood circulation.